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My website is all about that big day, you know the day you have been dreaming of (if you are a girl) since you were tiny and probably the day  you were dreading if you are a guy!

Orange County is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Anyone who has spent any time here will appreciate the content I am going to be sharing with you. For those who don’t know Orange County is one of the most affluent places in California with Cities such as Newport Beach and Irvine famous worldwide.

Newport Beach is a very upscale beach side community with even more exclusive suburban areas such as Newport Coast, Corona Del Mar and Crystal Cove. The Pelican Hill golf course is situated in Newport Coast which also happens to be home to none other than Kobe.

Kobe? Kobe Who ?  Well, if you don’t know who he is my guess if you either have been living in a shell or you don’t own a TV!  Kobe Bryant, my idol. Second probably only to Michael Jordan in the NBA hall of fame.

The Irvine Spectrum and Fashion Island in Newport Beach are two hugely popular ultra hip outdoors malls. They are home to exclusive outlets such as Neiman Marcus and and huge number of boutique stores. With the high net worth demographic in the area these malls are flooded daily with customers spending money. Before you think that sounds a turn-off, they are busy but not to the point of being overcrowded. There is plenty of room and they are great places to go out shopping. If you have the disposable income of course.

Orange County is blessed with probably the widest variety of wedding options available anywhere.

With the weather balmy almost all year round it means that pretty much anything goes. And where anything goes that means there are companies ready and waiting to supply !  Great for business and even better for bride and groom!

Sure, we have beautiful beaches and the endless sea right in front of us, but what many people are not aware of it that we also have glorious mountains with amazing wildlife not far from the beach. You can find woodland settings and county retreats if you want something a little different. My friends were like the couple above, they have the sea and beaches every day and just wanted to have something different in the county.

They chose to be up in the mountains and ride in a horse drawn carriage to a huge reception on remote farmland just off Ortega Highway near the wilderness park there.

There are all kinds of wedding planners, photography options and wedding photo booths, extravagant wedding limousine services (daddy uses this company for business and taking mom to Los Angeles for a night out) and horse drawn carriages for the day. My family uses specialty services for entertaining at our home, some of the best I have listed here – I’ll definitely be using some of them when I get to book my Wedding :) You can cross check some local businesses on my fav wedding site .  All vendors on this website have been vetted so you don’t have to risk your day being spoiled by booking the wrong vendor.

With Hollywood and Los Angeles celebrities everywhere in Southern California it stands to reason that photography is huge here.

Of course having the beautiful Pacific Ocean backdrop and gorgeous beaches running the length of the state of California doesn’t hurt either. Many people are attracted to the area not just for vacations but also to get married in order to almost guarantee the most idyllic photos and videos of the day.

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